For the past year I have been running two MMVDM hotspot with Pi-Star connected to the same XLX reflector. One (Pi-Zero) was running on version 3.4 and was solely being used to be able to communicate in YSF mode to the XLX reflector, whereas the other one (Raspberry Pi 2B with MMDVM) was acting as DMR2YSF connected to the same reflector.

This provides me a possibility to check whether or not the reflector which I administer works as expected.

Until recently there was no option to upgrade version 3.4 on the Pi-Zero since there was just no image available. But somehow they managed to port a 4.1.5 version to Pi-Zero and provide it under the Beta section of the Pi-Star website. I immediately downloaded it and copied it to a microSD card, booted the hotspot and confirmed it to be working as expected.

On the second hotspot I was running a Spanish version; if I am correct this was the version that provided switching between rooms. As it was not applicable with the reflector I administer, since there is only one room we all use, I have decided to upgrade that hotspot as well. So I downloaded the 4.1.5 version, copied it to a microSD card, booted the hotspot and confirmed it not to be working. Whatever I tried I couldn’t get DMR2YSF working (even with the correct TG setting). I decided to upgrade to 4.1.6 to see whether or not that would make a difference but the answer was no. (By the way upgrading from 4.1.5 to 4.1.6 can be done by issuing a couple of commands directly on the commandline or by clicking the upgrade button at the top of the screen when you’re in expert modus)

Then it came to my mind that the XLX reflector would, by default, be able to transcode the DMR signal to C4FM and the other way around. With other words what would be the reason to transcode a signal from DMR to YSF on a hotspot with restricted hardware compared to the server the XLX reflector runs on? So I decided to switch from DMR2YSF to DMRGateway and thus send the data signal directly off to the XLX reflector.

For this to be working:

enter your 7 digit CCS7/DMR ID under general configuration

only enable DMR mode

toggle the Brandmeister Network Enable and DMR+ Network Enable switches to off

set the XLX master to the correct XLX reflector

set the XLX module to the correct module on the reflector

toggle the XLX Master Enable switch to on

make sure you have the DMR CC set to one that matches your HT

don’t forget to apply the changes

verify under Expert modus / DMR GW the settings for Slot and TG so this matches with the settings on your HT

And that should be sufficient. By the way if you don’t like the voice notification “Connected to XLX reflector…” you can disable this under Expert modus / DMR GW / Voice by modifying Enable 1 to Enable 0