Things change for the better (3)

A couple of months ago I reported Helsingor (Denmark) would get a new Hytera DMR repeater. Up until now it has been very quiet around this repeater, though I believe OZ6NOR (the sysop for this repeater) spent a lot of time getting things in place. 

On a regular basis I check the website ( to see if there is any movement and last weekend I found out that the status changed into  “Driftstatus : Repeateren forventes at blive monteret d. 14 April 2015 !” which I do believe means something like the repeater will be installed on his final location April 14th, 2015. Which means tomorrow some signal should be heard on the frequency (434.6375 MHz).

I hope everything goes fine and by tomorrowevening I will be able to make my first QSO over this repeater via TG 204 to the Netherlands. One still has to keep his hopes after waiting for a couple of months…