Things change for the better (2)

I recently mentioned that in Denmark a new DMR repeater would be installed; unfortunatelly for a couple of weeks already the status is that the repeater is offline because it’s being moved to it’s definate location. So for the past weeks I’ve been bringing my PD-365 handheld transceiver but didn’t have any luck making a QSO.

So I decided to do it otherwise and bring the good old Icom IC-E92D and see if that would bring me luck. And so it did.

Across the Oresund in Helsingor there is a DSTAR repeater as well; OZ2RES can be reached with ease from my hotelroom, so I unlinked it and linked it to DCS007V where I could hear the end of a QSO on DSTAR or DMR or a combination of the both. DCS007V is the reflector linked to timeslot 2 TG 9 on DMR within the Netherlands.

Well if this is successfull why not try it on DCS007B; unfortunatelly I didn’t get any reply. So I unlinked again and connected to DCS007J, the Flevoland reflector. Since I live in Flevoland and know there are quite some enthousiastic DSTAR hams living in Almere I gave it a try and had a nice QSO with PD0POH. Great to see this works, so from my work location I can connect to my home town and have a QSO as if I was there. Excellent!

So as long as OZ6DMR is not re-located and on-air I can use good old DSTAR as well… Good to know!