Starting with DMR

I had my doubts; shall I buy a DMR radio or not? Is this the new development in hamradio? Will it survive DStar? And if I would buy a DMR radio would it be an handheld transceiver or mobile radio?

At the Radio Fleamarket in Rosmalen I’ve been looking at the Hytera gear as well as the CS-701, a reasonably priced handheld transceiver. I became more and more interested in the world of codeplugs, tone slots, color codes a.s.o.

And last Friday I’ve decided to go for an Hytera PD-785G.

First step before actually programming the transceiver is to install the USB drivers. According to the document three new devices should become visible in the device manager, but no matter what I tried only two devices showed up. And guess what driver was required for the firmware update…

Not being able to update the firmware means not being able to import a codeplug, a file containing repeater definitions and all kinds of settings.

In the end I found out that there is a DMR Facebook group with many helpfull people; since I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong I decided to ask a question and within the hour I got some suggestions like “Did you install the USB drivers?” and “Did you switch the HT to firmware update modus?” 

Aha, so there is a seperate firmware update modus. But how to boot up the handheld transceiver in firmware update modus? This morning after searching the internet I got an answer again via the Facebook group. Hold PTT, the alarm button (orange button on top) and switch on the transceiver.

Guess what happened when I did it? The missing device driver was installed and I was able to update the firmware and load a codeplug. Let the fun begin…

Not, because my ID was not registered yet on the global network. So I had to wait for it and like a miracle it happened within 15 minutes after the firmware update that I was able to receive some DMR users. Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa!

So I am in learning mode now…