During my holidays I’ve activated WSPR and the Flex 1500 ; it worked fine though bandconditions were far from optimal.

When I repeated the same last weekend everything went quiet. Though I did see stations in the bandscope nothing got decoded. What could be wrong this time?

As a good HAM you first start fiddling around with all kinds of settings; try this, adjust that but unfortunatelly this didn’t help. Let’s deinstall Virtual Audio Cable (and repeat it 5 or 6 times, hi!). No result.

Let’s reinstall WSPR, no changes. PowerSDR? Well why not… No result.

And again let’s take a look at Virtual Audio Cable; query the register for all traces containing Eumus or Virtual Audio Cable. Oh, don’t forget to first backup the register… It appears deinstalling Virtual Audio Cable doesn’t mean you’re removing all VAC definitions.

And while we’re busy with the laptop let’s upgrade PowerSDR to 2.2.3. And bingo! We are on air again.

After a couple of hours WSPR-ing with the Flex 1500, 5W, 20m indoor dipole I can say the results aren’t bad. Not bad at all. Brasil and Tasmania (16995 km).