Let’s experiment with TETRA

Last year I bought a used Motorola handheld transceiver for TETRA; unfortunately the handheld transceiver was not programmed as I wanted it to be. There are some hamradio amateurs around who have been experimenting with this type of digital communication and somehow agreed upon the following specific settings: MCC (the countrycode) should be set to 204, the MNC (networkcode) should be set to 7373 and the GSSI (groupcode) should be set to 1000. 

Unfortunatelly I could not check if the contents of the codeplug were correct since my computer refused to read the radio due to a missing RPG for the firmware being used in the handheld. After a lot of research I decided to leave the radio for what it was and put it aside.

But yesterday I started digging around and found a link to a site containing a huge archive of RPK files including the ones I needed. After I imported the appropriate RPK files into the CPS software I was able to read the contents of the codeplug; as expected the settings were incorrect so I decided to change the settings and write them back to the radio.

In the meanwhile just before New Years eve I noticed a remark in the TETRA Digital HAM repeaters NL facebook site that someone was offering an MTM-800 transceiver. So today I was able to pick it up and started to play around; the set is in an excellent condition, was sold with the remote head mounted to a plate and an almost new microphone. Wow, this is fun! Now I am looking around for other hamradio amateurs around Almere to have a QSO with to verify if the codeplug is correct…